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Abbotsford Bed

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Abbotsford Bedroom

Bed available in 2 versions – with or without string lights, available in either PG or Adult.

Lights on/off on touch. 3 wood textures on menu

When you sit on the bed the bedding changes automatically.

28 Single Animations including props

20 Couples animations

(both include self-rezzing covers for sleeping poses)

PG Bed includes 9 family animations for 3 avatars

Adult bed includes 43 animations (incl some 3-some animations)

also includes 2 sequence sets

Bed w/light – 13 LI. Bed w/o String Lights – 7 LI. Mirror – 1 LI ea.

Table 1 LI, flowers & candles – 2 LI ea. Pillow rack with ALL shown incl – 9 LI, Rug – 2 LI

See it on the Marketplace:
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:CP: Abbotsford Bed (Adult)
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:CP: Abbotsford Side Table
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:CP: Abbotsford Set w/Lights (Adult)
:CP: Abbotsford Set (Adult)
:CP: Abbotsford Set (PG)