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Beresford Set

Posted on Jul 25, 2016 by in Bedroom, Uncategorized |

Beresford Set

Cheeky Pea and Conspiracy Theory have teamed up to make an art deco bedroom set full of all sorts of awesome new features!

Temp attach, new materials, and all sorts of lighting choices all included along with custom mesh props for the vanity!

Bed has 33 single animations, 20 couple animations, 44 adult animations (in adult version only)

Vanity has 7 single animations

Bed 7 LI
Lights 2 LI, light on touch
Clock 2 LI, working
Vanity 6 LI
Bedside Table 2 LI
Dresser 2 LI

Find it on the Marketplace:
[CT] :CP: Beresford Set – Razzle Adult
[CT] :CP: Beresford Set – Razzle PG
[CT] :CP: Beresford Set – Dazzle Adult
[CT] :CP: Beresford Set – Dazzle PG
[CT] :CP: Beresford Bed – Dazzle Adult
[CT] :CP: Beresford Bed – Dazzle PG
[CT] :CP: Beresford Bed – Razzle Adult
[CT] :CP: Beresford Bed – Dazzle PG
[CT] :CP: Beresford Tall Chest
[CT] :CP: Beresford NightTable
[CT] :CP: Beresford Vanity – Razzle
[CT] :CP: Beresford Vanity – Dazzle
[CT] :CP: Beresford Lamp
[CT] :CP: Beresford Clock
[CT] :CP: Beresford Wall Light

Find it In-World: