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Build-A-Frame Kit

Posted on Mar 19, 2017 by in Miscellaneous, Uncategorized |


:CP: Build-a-Frame BIG Kit – a huge variety of options for this kit. You can make whatever you like with it! Ideal for frames, number plates, initial plates, so much to do!

Over 70 components in each pack to create your own frame piece or collage. Doorways, hanging frames, even initial plates to totally customise with your own style. Each piece is 1 LI.

Available in White, Rusted, and Dark tones. Each pack is split into 4 smaller sub-packs to allow you to choose exactly how you would like to personalise your items.

The vendors are available in world:

Or on the marketplace:
:CP: Build-a-Frame BIG Kit White
:CP: Build-a-Frame BIG Kit Rusted
:CP: Build-a-Frame BIG Kit Black