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Chestnut Winter Camp

Posted on Jul 25, 2016 by in Outdoor, Uncategorized |

Chestnut Winter Camp

2 single sleeping bags and one double that “cover you” on sit ea w/2 sleeping animations
Igloo – version with and without lights. Couples Cuddle Log in PG or adult version, Campfire log with singing, toasting marshmalolows, and other fun activities, **Ridable Sled** with fun sits for 1-3 avatars

Working fire with various settings on touch and a camp kettle.

Plain Igloo – 10 LI, Lighted Igloo – 17 LI, Sled – 2 LI, Sleeping bags – 4 LI ea, Animated Logs – 2 LI ea, Fire – 8 LI (partially sculpted), Kettle – 2 LI.

Igloo contains 8 sit animationsfor up to 8 avatars.

Cuddle Log has 19 single, 4 Friends, 18 Couples in the PG version and 19 single, 4 Friends, 18 Couples, & 55 carefully selected adult animations in Adult version including MF, MM, FF, and 3 some

Campfire Log contains 6 Friend animations, 3 single activity animations, and 4 couples animations

Each sleeping bag has 2 sleep animations. Sled has 2 single, 1 couple, and 1 3-person animation
Find it on the Marketplace:
:CP: Chestnut Winter Camp – Entire Set (Adult)
:CP: Chestnut Winter Camp – Entire Set (PG)
:CP: Chestnut Igloo (Lighted)
:CP: Chestnut Igloo (Plain)
:CP: Chestnut Sleeping Bag Pink
:CP: Chestnut Sleeping Bag Blue
:CP: Chestnut Double Sleeping Bag
:CP: Chestnut CampFire
:CP: Chestnut Kettle
:CP: Chestnut Cuddle Log (Adult)
:CP: Chestnut Cuddle Log (PG)
:CP: Chestnut Campfire Log

Find it in-world: