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Cosy Cottage Sofas

Posted on Aug 27, 2017 by in Living room, Sofa, Uncategorized |





3 Versions available in adult or PG

• :CP: Cosy Cottage Sofa Connecticut : 8 LI

• :CP: Cosy Cottage Sofa Maine : 8 LI

• :CP: Cosy Cottage Sofa New Hampshire : 8 LI

(LI listed as boxed refers to product size as given. If you enlarge or decrease the size of these items the prim count may vary based on SL land impact calculations. Does not include rezzing props or items available through rezzable decor.)

:CP: Cosy Cottage Sofa Connecticut – 29 Singles Animations, 25 Couples Animations, 16 Adult Animations (Adult version only).


Originally released at N21