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:CP: Doublers Set

Posted on Apr 25, 2016 by in Outdoor, Uncategorized |

:CP: Doublers Set (Adult)

Chairs contain 27 single animations,7 couple animations,
10 adult animations (in adult version only) for TWO sets of avatars. So that means you can seat 2 single sitters (27 animations each) or two SETS of couples. Just click on the back of the side of the chair you want to sit on!

Chair: 8 LI, Acorn Lamps: 3 LI (on/off on touch), Pumpkins 1 LI, Lantern Ladder 7 LI (on/off on touch), mushroom house 1 LI.

Find it on the Marketplace:
:CP: Doublers Set (Adult)
:CP: Doublers Set (PG)
:CP: Doublers Lantern Ladder
:CP: Doublers Pumpkins
:CP: Doublers Acorn Lamps
:CP: Doublers Mushie

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