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:CP: Duncan Sports Lounge

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• :CP: Duncan Sofa – 5 LI

• :CP: Duncan Equipment Shelf – 7 LI

• :CP: Duncan Droughts Table – 2 LI

• :CP: Duncan Hoopz Game – 3 LI

• :CP: Duncan Gridtrotters Sign – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan Parking Sign – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan AFK Sign – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan American Flag – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan Purple Pennant – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan Green Pennant – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan Blue Pennant – 1 LI

• :CP: Duncan String Lights – 5 LI

(LI listed as boxed refers to product size as given. If you enlarge or decrease the size of these items the prim count may vary based on SL land impact calculations. Does not include rezzing props or items available through rezzable decor.)




• :CP: Duncan Sofa (Adult) – 32 Single animations for up to 3 avatars, 22 couples animations, and 26 adult animations including 3 sequenced sets in adult version.




• brief description, not applicable for different textures to purchase, delete section if none




• :CP: Duncan String Lights – on/off on touch




• :CP: Duncan Hoopz Game – Working hoop shooting game! Touch the basket for a wadded up piece of paper and try to make a basket! (go into mouse look to shoot). Complete with sounds and encouraging phrases.

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:CP: Duncan Sofa (Adult)

:CP: Duncan Sofa (PG)

:CP: Duncan American Flag

:CP: Duncan Hoopz Game

:CP: Duncan Equipment Shelf

:CP: Duncan String Lights

:CP: Duncan AFK Sign

:CP: Duncan Parking Sign

:CP: Duncan Gridtrotters Sign

:CP: Duncan Droughts Table

:CP: Duncan Green Pennant

:CP: Duncan Blue Pennant

:CP: Duncan Purple Pennant