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:CP: Louis’ Willow Lounge Set

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 by in Outdoor, Uncategorized |

:CP: Louis' Willow Lounge Set (Adult)

35 Single Animations, 10 Couple Animations, and 34 adult animations (in adult version) in each chair. Each chair also has 6 texture change options available for the blanket/pillow on a menu accessed by touching the pillow.

Food gives holdable hot apple cider drink, cookie, and cinnamon stick. Lanterns and star lights are on/off on touch, also able to automatically turn on when SL is dark.

All Materials. mod.copy.notrans

Chairs : 5 LI ea, table 1 LI, tray 1 LI, food 1 LI, lanterns 3 LI ea, star light 2 LI

Get it on the Marketplace:
:CP: Louis’ Willow Lounge Set (Adult) Version 2
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:CP: Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies
:CP: Louis’ Willow Chair B (Adult)
:CP: Louis’ Willow Chair A (PG)
:CP: Louis’ Side Table
:CP: Louis’ Star Lantern
:CP: Louis’ Lantern
:CP: Louis’ Batty Lantern
:CP: Louis’ Willow Chair A (Adult)
:CP: Louis’ Chalkboard Tray
:CP: Louis’ Willow Chair B (PG)

Find it in-world: