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:CP: Miranda Tyre Swing

Posted on Apr 25, 2016 by in Swings, Uncategorized |

:CP: Miranda Tyre Swing (Adult)

• :CP: Miranda Tyre Swing (Adult or PG) – 10 LI
(LI listed as boxed refers to product size as given. If you enlarge or decrease the size of these items the prim count may vary based on SL land impact calculations. Does not include rezzing props or items available through rezzable decor.)

• :CP: Miranda Tyre Swing – 12 Single Animations, 13 Couples Animations, 28 stand alone adult animations including 2 sequences – in adult version only.

• :CP: Miranda Tyre Swing – on/off on touch by touching the ROPES.

A few people have asked for an actual moving swinging version of this. Due to SL issues with the swing script I was very hesitant to include the swinging motion in the original release. I have since updated the product to have a swinging variation. It is PG ONLY as the animations do not all work with movement so I have had to cut them down to fit with the actions. This item is included in both the PG and Adult boxes now but is PG only. (the static versions still contain all animations and are included in the purchase)

The swing motion is activated and deactivated by touching an invisible prim at the top of the swing.

This is very important: I made the swing editable so you can extend the chain and create extra chains for more length. If you extend the chain you must move the swing pivot up. If you don’t your swing will pivot in the middle and look strange.

I have sent out product updates to include this new version. If you miss the update and would like an updated copy to include the swinging motion please visit the redelivery terminal in our mainstore. If you redeliver the item to yourself the box will now include a swinging version.

If you are unsure about using the swinging version don’t worry! The static version is still very pretty, has more animations, and is hassle-free.

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