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:CP: Pallet Storage Bed

Posted on May 11, 2016 by in Bedroom, Uncategorized |





:CP: Pallet Storage Bed Earth – 11 LI

:CP: Pallet Storage Bed Blush – 11 LI (Round Exclusive)

(LI listed as boxed refers to product size as given. If you enlarge or decrease the size of these items the prim count may vary based on SL land impact calculations. Does not include rezzing props or items available through rezzable decor.)




:CP: Pallet Storage Bed Earth or Blush – 20 Single Animations, 28 Couple Animations, 26 Adult Animations, as well as 4 sequences (ea 6-9 animations), and 6 FFM and 2 MMF threesome animations. Adult version includes light BDSM (tying up) animations in sequences.




:CP: Pallet Storage Bed Earth or Blush – All Drawers open/close independently on touch

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:CP: Pallet Storage Bed Earth (Adult)