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Hastings Lounge

Posted on May 12, 2015 by in Living room, Uncategorized |


Sofa – 6 LI

32 Single animations for up to 3 avatars (on 3 separate menus – hit select to get additional options), 22 couple cuddle animations, 26 Adult animations w/3 syncs (in adult version only)

Light – 2 LI on/off on touch

Oar Decor – 2 LI

Decor – 1 LI ea

(wooden waves, table, tray w/books, coffee table, wooden buoys, candle jars, rug)

See it on the Marketplace:
:CP: Hastings Lounge (PG)
:CP: Hastings Lounge (Adult)
:CP: Hastings Buoys
:CP: Hastings Oars
:CP: Hastings Side Table
:CP: Hastings Coffee Table
:CP: Hastings Wave
:CP: Hastings Rug
:CP: Hastings Sofa (Adult)
:CP: Hastings Sofa (PG)
:CP: Hastings Light
:CP: Hastings Candles

See it in world: