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Lejr Tent Glamping Set

Posted on Mar 25, 2019 by in Full Set, Garden Furniture, Light Switch, Lighting, Miscellaneous, Outdoor, Uncategorized | 0 comments


• :CP: Lejr Tent – 28LI (Rezzables – Ribbons 7 LI, Banners/Flowers 5 LI, Lights 3LI. All rezzable by touching the roof of the tent)
• :CP: Lejr Bed – 21LI
• :CP: Lejr Chandelier – 2LI
• :CP: Lejr Decking – 12LI
• :CP: Lejr Table – 1LI
• :CP: Lejr Lantern Small Large/Small – 1LI Each
• :CP: Lejr Campfire Pot – 2LI
• :CP: Lejr Deck Chair – 2LI
• :CP: Lejr Deck Loveseat – 2LI
• :CP: Lejr S’mores Table– 3LI

(LI listed as boxed refers to product size as given. If you enlarge or decrease the size of these items the prim count may vary based on SL land impact calculations. Does not include rezzing props or items available through rezzable decor.)

• :CP: Lejr Bed – 20 single poses, 36 couple poses (8 lesbian cuddles incl)
Adult version also includes [46 MF Adult Poses, 8 FF Adult Poses, 7 MM Adult Poses , and threesome poses]

• :CP: Lejr Deck Loveseat – 28 single poses for 2 separate avatars, 4 couple poses, Adult version also includes 11 MF Adult Poses including 1 sequence set

• :CP: Lejr Deck Chair – 23 single poses, 27 couple poses, Adult version also includes 6 MF Adult Poses including 1 sequence set

• :CP: Lejr Chandelier – On/Off on touch
• :CP: Lejr Campfire Pot – On/Off on touch

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:CP: Lejr Tent
:CP: Lejr Chandelier
:CP: Lejr Table
:CP: Lejr Lanterns
:CP: Lejr Decking
:CP: Lejr Campfire Pot
:CP: Lejr S’mores Table
:CP: Lejr Bed (PG)
:CP: Lejr Bed (Adult)
:CP: Lejr Deck Chair (PG)
:CP: Lejr Deck Chair (Adult)
:CP: Lejr Deck Loveseat (PG)
:CP: Lejr Deck Loveseat (Adult)
:CP: Lejr Camp Set (PG)
:CP: Lejr Camp Set (Adult)

:CP: Lejr S’mores Table