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So Gray

Posted on May 12, 2015 by in Bedroom, Uncategorized |



20 Singles, 28 couples anims, and 43 adult animations (including 2 sequences and 8 3some animations) in the adult version. Also available are 2 side chairs with 13 single animations each, a chandelier that is on/off on touch, mirror wall art, and a rug.

The bed makes and unmakes itself as you sit and get up.

Bed is 7 LI, Chairs 2 LI each, mirror 1 LI, Light 3 LI, Rug 1 LI

(curtains are available by Max Graf – Rustica)

See it on the Marketplace:
:CP: So Gray Bed Set (Adult)
:CP: So Gray Bed Set (PG)
:CP: So Gray Chandelier
:CP: So Gray Mirror
:CP: So Gray Rug
:CP: So Gray Bed (Adult)
:CP: So Gray Bed (PG)
:CP: So Gray Chair B
:CP: So Gray Chair A

See it in world: